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Sustainability, What Does it Mean on the High Street - feature in Swimwear Yearbook 2019

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Sustainability in the swimwear design industry | 29andSeptember article in Swimwear Yearbook 2019

If you've been following me at all, you'll know that I'm passionate about sustainability and I also love designing swimwear. My passion for the two was combined recently, when I was able to write an article for one of my favourite industry magazines, Swimwear Yearbook 2019. I was especially happy to be able to write a piece on sustainability within the swim and beachwear market. Even better, when I saw the magazine in print, I learnt that sustainability was a focus for the issue, which is great for the sustainability cause. If you're in the swim and/or beachwear market, this magazine, published by Underlines, is a great option to consider, as it provides specialist information and content for a fraction of the price of other industry publications. You can learn more about Underlines and the Swimwear Yearbook on their website, here. 


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