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Frequently Asked Questions

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Payments, contracts + terms

Working with me

+ I'm on a budget, do you have payment plans available?

I'm very flexible in terms of payments. On design + technical projects I usually request a 50% deposit, with the balance being paid when the final files are ready to be sent to you. I'm happy for you to break down a job into smaller parts, to help you spread the cost and improve your cash flow. Please feel free to get in touch for more help with this.

+ What are the terms of working with you?

Any work done through this website will include a contract to ensure that both the client and myself are protected; the client receives the work they are expecting and payment is made. These are very standard terms and I’d be happy to send a full copy to you via email, before you decide to work with me. Your contract will be with Vicki Wallis Ltd.

+ I'm thinking of working with you but would rather see some feedback. Do you have any available?

Sure, I’m proud to have maintained a 100% positive feedback rating. You can view feedback by clicking here.

+ Can I see previous work?

Absolutely, you can view my portfolio by clicking here and I’d be happy to send work relevant to your area of the market, upon request.

+ What types of product do you work with?

I can design and provide technical documents (technical drawings and tech packs used by the factory to get garments into production) for Men's and Women's clothing, swimwear + activewear. I have to be honest in saying that I can design Childrenswear, sleepwear and underwear, but I don’t provide technical services for these garments as it’s not something I’m a specialist in. I’m not currently taking on accessories projects.

+ What is classed as ‘1 item?

Any single product, that requires a separate drawing + tech pack is classed as 1 item. For example, a 2 piece suit requires a separate tech pack for the skirt + jacket, so is counted as 2. A bikini requires a separate tech pack for the top + bottom, so is also counted as 2.

+ Will I like the work you do?

All of my design quotes include 5 rounds of revisions, therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed back on what you like + don’t like to ensure that you’re happy with the work + it meets your original brief.

+ If I work with you, who is the contract with?

Any product or service purchased on this website will be contracted to Vicki Wallis Ltd.

Other FAQs

+ I don’t live near you, is this a problem?

No, not at all. I'm currently working with clients and factories in 4 continents + this hasn't aected our results at all. I’m used to working internationally + have developed a system where I can regularly communicate with clients + share their work in progress.

+ I'm a student, can I still work with you?

Yes, I have worked with several students recently and it was a great experience. As well as paid services, I also oer free help + articles through my blog; which shares industry tips, news and insights.

+ Are you available for teaching + education?

Yes, I have previous experience teaching in schools + within the workplace + have taught both on location + remotely. If teaching in schools, I already have a criminal records check and am familiar with completing a plenary for each lesson plan.

+ Are you available to work on location?

I love working in person + if time allows I’d like to take on more projects like this. I’m regularly available in England (the Midlands + London) + Germany (Leipzig + Berlin) + often have availability in other cities worldwide. If you would like to discuss this further, just let me know.