29andSeptember Studio

Standard license prints

The standard license gives you the legal right to print the design and sell it on your products, without having to credit me or pay any royalties. If however, you want to own the copyright and be the only person who can use this print, you can learn about the exclusive prints to the right.

I also offer customisation services on these prints, or custom designed prints, if this is of interest please contact me. You can click on an image to zoom or see the price and you can buy print rights and files via the order form.

Moody floral 1 £35

Sketchy florals 1 £35

Abstract print 2, £20

White floral £20

Tile print £20 by 29andSeptember Studio

Neon Palm Leaves Print £35

Rose print £35

Abstract print 3, £35

Abstract print 1 £20

Abstract Floral 1 £20

Leopard print £20