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Take a moment to imagine what your life will be like when you are in charge of your very own clothing brand.

While it sounds exciting at first, a lot of people are disappointed and turned off by the seemingly insurmountable lists of “what ifs” and “hows”.

Rather than worrying about all of the questions, wondering how you’ll ever get from the idea phase to the actual business phase, take action instead.

No matter how much (or how little) experience you have in the fashion industry, there’s no better time than now to bring your vision to life.  

Is it time to finally start your fashion journey?

Lots of my clients have successfully launched a fashion range with little or no fashion industry experience….and you can too!

Plus, with this new program, you can see success faster than ever


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You can watch this short video to learn about the beta tester offer.

This is the first time I’m offering this strategy as a course; prior to this I’ve only worked with clients 1-on-1 on this type of business. As it’s the first time releasing this, I’m looking for 20 people to take the course, while having direct access to me for a whole month! Basically, you’re paying less (a lot less!) and getting help and support from an industry expert, so I can make sure that you’re setup for success after taking this program. Plus, for those of you who start your brand within the month - which with this strategy is entirely possible - I’d be happy to promote your brand across my channels, including my Pinterest account which has over 100,000 monthly unique viewers. A great way to get a traffic boost for your new business.

After you’ve taken the course, I’ll ask for your feedback so that I can make improvements, if required. As you get unlimited access to the course, you’ll also get access to anything new added in the future.


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I know launching a new venture is a big step. And I know that it can be hard to say “yes”. But aren’t your dreams worth it? By making the decision to start your own business, you are saying “yes” to a life you can really take control of, a life that puts you in the driver’s seat, a life that leaves you feeling fulfilled and exhilarated each and every day.

Taking that first step is scary, but that’s why I’m here to help.

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How does the course work?

I've split the programme up into 9 manageable steps. I carefully chose this number as at the end of each lesson I give you a specific task to work on, which will help your business move forward. The course includes hours of video training, plus downloads, such as workbooks and examples. The videos and downloads give you actionable steps to help you complete the task I set - helping you to work towards your goals.

You'll get;

* Over 4 hours of video content, packed with helpful information

* Workbook and example downloads

* Information to help you get from initial idea, through to having clothing for sale - the express way!

Each step can be done at your convenience, you don't have to be available on a specific day, or do the steps within a specific time frame. This is great because if you have a job or other commitments, you can still fit the programme around it, or if you want to spend longer on a particular module you can, you won't miss out on anything! What's more, as the classes are pre-recorded, they're available to you whenever you have internet access, so you can learn whenever you feel like it. 

I know people are busy, so I've worked really hard to make each video full of useful and relevant information. Each lesson shows you the key steps to lauching your fashion business.


Who is this course for?

Anyone who’s keen to try out having a fashion brand, using a method that allows you to make a start quickly and with minimal investment. Even if you have zero industry experience, this can still work for you!


Who isn’t the course for?

Anyone who wants to provide a unique solution; for example a plus size, tall, petite, maternity or range that requires a specialist fit - this course won’t be suitable. The fashion startup online course is much better suited to anyone wanting to create their own products from scratch. Click here to see the details of that.

In order to launch quickly, we need to customise existing products, rather than create them from scratch - this is the focus of this course and I’ll share links to suppliers who can help you with this.

Not sure if the course will be a good fit for you? Email contact@29andSeptember.com and I’ll be happy to help you decide.

What we’ll cover in the course;

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Day 2; Choose Your Provider

  • Learn about the strategy that allows you to get started in just 2 weeks

  • I’ll give you a tour of some suppliers and provide links to their websites

  • We’ll consider how to make this strategy work for you

  • And I’ll explain how this allows you to start much faster and with less initial cost

  • At the end of the lesson you’ll be clear on how to make your business work!

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Day 4; Create Your Brand

  • Learn what a brand is and why it’s important

  • Download the workbook that helps you to define your brand

  • In the video, we’ll go through the workbook step by step

  • So, at the end of the lesson you’re clear on what your company stands for and visually what it’ll look like.

  • Plus, I’ll share an example brand style guide so you know what to aim for.

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Day 6; Design Your Website

  • Video 1 shares tips for high converting websites and how you can sell more

  • I’ll share my preferred website platform, along with some other options

  • In video 2, I’ll walk you through setting up a website - no coding or technical knowledge required!

  • This lesson will allow you to create your own website - without having to learn code or hire an expensive web designer.

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Day 8-12 Create Your Marketing Content

  • This video goes deeper into marketing and explains how you can create content that you post to your chosen social media platform

  • We’ll also look at tips for using the 3 main platforms successfully

  • I’ll also explain how you can save time (and your sanity), using efficient marketing practices

  • And I’ll share some apps with you that can help you to get things done faster.

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Let me show you around….

It can be hard to know what to expect, so I’ve made a short video to show you exactly what you’ll get access to as soon as you join the course.


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Hi, I'm Vicki. Welcome! I’m so excited to introduce you to my online course, something that has literally been years in the making. Thanks to my hands-on experience in fashion, I’ve been able to take everything I know and turn it into a 14 day program.

I have 15 years experience within fashion and textiles. I worked within the industry for 12 years before branching out on my own and creating 29andSeptember Studio. Earlier in my career I worked with brands both large and small in house, across England, Australia and New Zealand.

I also started my own fashion business years ago and didn't have a clue what I was doing, so I can relate to those starting a business and feeling overwhelmed, because I've been there. Even though I started my company with a tiny budget and little experience, I grew it to a label that had loyal and happy customers worldwide, was stocked in shops on 4 continents and was featured in the Vogue diaries, amongst others. I love helping other startups to do the same and fulfil their dream of having their own fashion brand.

Through 29andSeptember Studio, I help small and startup fashion brands to succeed in the industry, by revealing industry secrets, giving actionable advice and helping clients to understand how to go from zero to production and sales - even if they don’t have any experience in fashion.

I’ve helped over 140 small and startup brands from all over the world, including the UK, Canada, Australia, the US, Kuwait, Thailand and Hong Kong, to name a few!

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Vicki and 29andSeptember Studio have been featured on;



I'm sure you've got lots! Below are some FAQ's as a starting point, or you can email contact@29andSeptember.com and ask me anything so you can see if the course is right for you. My success is dependent on your success - and I’m known for my keen ability to sense when someone is meant for the industry and when another path is a better choice.

+ Do I need experience in fashion?

Absolutely not! If you already have some experience that’s a bonus, but I’ve specifically designed the programme so that you don’t have to have any existing industry knowledge. The videos explain step by step and the downloads will help you to understand the entire process. Plus, if you're one of the first 20 to join as a beta tester, if you get stuck, you can even ask questions in the handy Q+A section and receive a reply from me directly.

+ Is this open worldwide?

Yes absolutely, the steps would be the same for anyone, no matter where they live, so the programme is suited to people living absolutely anywhere! Currently we have students joining us from all over the world, spread out across 4 continents!

+ Is this course suitable for all products?

No. As this course focuses on a method to get prodcuts to sell quickly, you will be limited to customising exisiting products. Therefore, this isn't suitable for anyone wanting to have a custom or specific fit. For example, this isn't suitable for plus size, tall, petite, maternity brands. If you would rather create your own custom product, the Fashion Startup Online Course would be better for you. You can click here for the details.

+ I have a full time job, will I have to quit?

No absolutely not! I had a full time job when I launched my company too and it can be a great option to have some money coming in so you can fund the business. Each of the steps can be taken in your own time, there’s no fixed schedule so if you need extra time to watch the videos or complete the steps that’s absolutely fine – you can go at your own pace.

+ Will I receive personal recommendations of factories and suppliers?

You won't receive personal recommendations, no. You will however receive a starting point for further research and the names of a few suppliers who may be able to help you.

+ Do I have to buy anything else from you?

No, not if you don't want to. I do offer other services that you may find helpful, such as designs or marketing and strategy help, but there's no obligation. I'll also tell you other places that you can look for these services, so that if you want them, you have the opportunity to interview others + get pricing from them.

+ What do I need to complete this programme?

You'll need;

  • a device with internet connection (smartphone, computer or tablet will all be compatible)
  • A way to view PDF and JPG downloads - most modern smartphones should allow this.

+ What else do I need to budget for

There aren't any other financial oblications to me that you have to pay for. Of course, there are other costs to consider when setting up a business, such as production costs, marketing, website and you might want to get additional help and support with designs, techincal documents or perhaps PR and marketing advice. For some information about costs to consider, you can click here to read a free article on the subject.

+ How long does the course take

There are 9 lessons in total and there is a total of 4.5hours of content. You have unlimited access to the videos and files, so if you need more time it's not a problem - you can work at your own pace. If you have a couple of weeks to spare and you follow all the steps, it should be possible to laucnh your store within 2 weeks - but if you need longer, that's absolutely fine.

+ How is the programme structured, do I have to be available at specific times?

No, the content is available any time, day or night - so if you have the urge to complete the course at 5am, you can!

+ How do you take payment, is it secure?

Payment is very secure, I use Paypal for all of my invoicing, so I don't receive or have access to any of your card details. You can checkout as a guest, you don't have to register for a Paypal account if you don't have one.

+ I see the currency is UK£. Is it possible to pay in $ or €?

Yes, as well as payment in UK£ (default currency) I can also accept payment in many other currencies via Transferwise. If you would like to arrange this, please email contact@29andSeptember.com and I'll be able to set this up manually.

+ What are the terms and conditions?

There aren't any strict terms and conditions, but I do have a contract to explain that any content is for the purchaser only, the files or videos cannot be shared, copied or distributed in any way and also to clarify my service to you. The expectations are the same as this page, but the contract is for you to view by clicking here, before you commit to anything. Please note that by purchasing this course, you agree to these terms and conditions and understand that you're entering into an agreement with Vicki Wallis Ltd.

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Quick Launch Workshop
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Are you ready to launch your brand? Are you eager to get your foot in fashion? Are you excited to learn more about how to fast track your business to success?

If you are, then I’d love to have you join me inside the course! To register and reserve your space, just click the purchase button below and add the course to your cart.

Once you’re in the course, you’ll receive a unique login so that you can start learning right away.

Everything you need to go from zero to launch is inside this course. All you have to do is click!


That means that less than 1% of my audience will be able to take part, so I expect places to sell out fast.

And when they’re gone, they’re gone.