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I'm delighted to have been featured by some wonderful companies, which you can learn more about below. Click any of the photos to visit the relevant website and/or feature.




June 2019

Flaunter is an Australia based company which links brand’s images with journalists, bloggers and stylists. I collaborated with them on an article about the importance of using data to grow a fashion brand.


Perspective Newsletter, from Condé Nast International (now Vogue Business)

October 2018

If you’re not familiar, Perspective gives fashion industry insight and analysis. I was delighted to be a featured reader last month, particularly as I was able to raise the issue of sustainability.

Indie Source - ‘5 Misconceptions About Working In Fashion’

October 2018

I was thrilled to be asked to write a piece for Indie Source, a US based company who offer production assistance. This piece looks at the realities of working within the fashion industry.

The Fashion Conversation - ‘Designing for AW19/20’

October 2018

It was great to be able to continue my series for The Fashion Conversation. This article gives my take on trends that I saw coming through at the Munich Fabric Start international trade show.


The Swimwear Yearbook 2019, published by Underlines Magazine

Jul 2018

I was delighted to write an article to be published in The Swimwear Yearbook, one of the premier industry magazines for the swim and beachwear markets.

I wrote about sustainability and how this affects these markets in particular, with information on fabrics and production methods.


The Fashion Conversation; Basics 101: 'Using Data to Grow Your Fashion Business'

Jul 2018

In this article I talk about one of fashion's best kept secrets; how designers use data to drive their design decisions. 

Maker's Row; 4 Ways to Make Your Brand More Sustainable

May 2018

In this article I shared my 4 tips for creating clothing which is sustainable and reduces the impact on the environment. 

The Fashion Conversation; Basics 101: 'How to Think About Ethical and Sustainable Garments'

Apr 2018

In this edition of Basics 101 I talked about what ethical and sustainable really mean and what you can be aware of as a fashion designer, to minimise your negative impact on the environment and the lives of others. 


The Fashion Conversation; Basics 101: 'Fit Sessions'

Jan 2018

The third post in my series for The Fashion Conversation focusses on fit sessions - what they are and why they're important.

Sew Heidi E-book

Dec 2017

I was delighted to be mentioned by one of my favourite industry experts, Sew Heidi from the Successful Fashion Designer. You can download her free 20k+ word free Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelance Fashion Designer by clicking here.

The Fashion Conversation; Basics 101: 'Technical Drawings'

Nov 2017

My series for The Fashion Conversation continues, this time with my tips for communicating your design ideas to an industry professional.


London College of Fashion official Facebook page

Nov 2017

An article I wrote for new fashion entrepreneurs was shared by the prestigious LCF to their 90,000 followers. 

The Fashion Conversation homepage

Oct 2017

An article I wrote for The Fashion Conversation was featured on their homepage.

The Fashion Conversation; Basics 101: 'Where To Start When Building A Fashion Brand'

Oct 2017

I collaborated with The Fashion Conversation to help new entrepreneurs wanting to launch a fashion label.


Biz & Bubbly; 'Why it's Important to Know Your Target Audience'

Oct 2017

I worked with the lovely Morgan on a post to help new businesses understand why a target customer is so important to have. 

Print & Press London; 5 Top Tips for Selling Your Designs to Print Buyers' 

Aug 2017

Print & Press London are popular for their educational blog, as well as their high quality print service. An article I've written about getting textile designs noticed by buyers, was featured on their site.

The Think Creative Collective; '7 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting Your Business'

April 2017

I wrote an article for the Think Creative Collective, a website which helps female entrepeneurs create sucessful businesses.