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Manufacture and merchandising services

I specialise in helping start-up companies, but also have services to help larger or established companies. The three most popular services are outlined below, but if you have any specific needs please feel free to get in touch. I've given a guide price for each service below, but you can request a custom quote, or request more details by clicking 'request a quote'.  

Spec sheet by 29andSeptember Studio

Technical specifications

Also known as a tech pack or spec pack, this service is essential in taking your clothes from an idea to a fully functioning garment. Tech packs contain information essential for your factory, such as measurements, grade rules, construction methods and more, that are required for quotes and manufacture.

Another area that my clients often need help with, is developing a critical path. A critical path is a production plan that helps manufacture to stay on track and on time. This is especially helpful when managing several orders at once, as it allows you to keep track of what has and hasn't been approved, if samples are overdue and if shipments have been booked. 

Fashion industry consulting services by 29andSeptember Studio

Production consulting

I've helped a range of clients, from those with some knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, to those with little to no experience. It can be really hard to understand all of the production acronyms and terminology and factories can unfortunately take advantage of this inexperience. My service can help you in understanding the process from design to production and delivery, or we can focus on one area that you're struggling with, such as negotiating, fit sessions and answering technical questions from the factory. 

I'm very flexible with my way of working and offer email, phone or in person (location permitting) support. I can help on a one off basis, or be your factories go to for any questions that may arise during production. 

Merchandising services for the fashion industry by 29andSeptember Studio

Merchandising consulting

Merchandising can mean different things to different people, in this instance I'm referring to analysing sales data to make the most out of the stock you have and also visually laying out your product in an appealing way, or organising an event to promote it. I've worked over 50 fashion shows, so can give detailed information on this, if you want to pursue this idea. 

As with the production consulting, the way of working varies a lot depending on the client's preferences and you can choose to work via email, phone, or in person (location permitting). Some clients prefer to make a one off appointment to discuss an issue or understand how merchandising can help their buiness, while others like to develop a long term relationship, where by I offer advice weekly based on data they provide and stock that is about to become available.