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Fashion design services

I specialise in commercial womenswear design, activewear and swimwear, but I also have experience in women's tailoring, evening wear and menswear and do have clients in these product areas. The three most popular services are outlined below, but if you have any specific needs please feel free to get in touch. I've given a guide price for each service below, but you can request a custom quote, or request more details by clicking 'request a quote'.  

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Trend direction and customer research 

I do offer these services separately, but feel they work best together. By allowing me to understand your customer as well as the industry trends I can create specific, targeted information that will appeal to your target audience. The work can be presented in a format chosen by you, to ensure that you receive the most benefit Some requests include detailed written information, as well as images to support the information, really targeted information on specific shapes and details, or inspiring mood boards showing a style and colour scheme.  Pricing starts at £50 for a trend package. 

Fashion design

There is a huge amount of options here, from having a single design created, to having a range. My experience covers a wide range of product areas, from simple tees to evening wear and from a retail price of £2 to £900. It varies from business to business, but I find that a capsule collection of 10 items or more gets the best results. As the designs will fit cohesivly together and form an easy to shop range that encourages add on sales and also allows for variety in your marketing imagery.

Every design I submit will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also commercially viable and will have your customer and retail price in mind. I'm very flexible with my way of working and work in collaboration with clients, if they prefer and start by submitting initial ideas, discuss with them and redesign until they are happy with the range. Alternatively, some clients prefer to give me and brief and I'll present the finished range. Design services start from as little as £25.

Technical drawings

As a former pattern cutter and garment technologist, I understand the information required when manufacturing a garment. I create detailed, easy to understand technical drawings, to ensure that information doesn't get lost in translation. As with all of my services, the format and presentation can be tailored to your needs. Some clients add this on to my design services, while others provide their own photo or sketch for me to work from. Pricing for this service starts at £15.