29andSeptember Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm thinking of working with you but would rather see some feedback. Do you have any available?

Sure, I’m proud to have maintained a 100% positive feedback rating. You can view feedback by clicking here.

Can I see previous work?

Absolutely, you can view my portfolio via this link and I’d be happy to send work relevant to your area of the market, upon request.

I'm on a budget, do you have payment plans available?

I'm very flexible in terms of payments. On design + technical projects I usually request a 50% deposit, with the balance being paid when the final files are ready to be sent to you. I'm happy for you to break down a job into smaller parts, to help you spread the cost and improve your cash flow. Please feel free to get in touch for more help with this.

What types of product do you work with?

I can design and provide technical documents (technical drawings and tech packs used by the factory to get garments into production) for Men's and Women's clothing, swimwear + activewear. I have to be honest in saying that I can design Childrenswear, sleepwear and underwear, but I don’t provide technical services for these garments as it’s not something I’m a specialist in. I’m not currently taking on accessories projects.

What are the terms of working with you?

Any custom work I do is subject to my terms and conditions.This is to ensure that both the client + myself are protected; the client receives the work they are expecting + payment is made. These are very standard terms + I’d be happy to send a full copy to you via email, before you decide to work with me.

Do I have to pay royalties on the prints I buy from you?

Absolutely not! When you buy a print from me, you can use it on your website, printed goods + products for sale, without having to credit me or pay any royalties. The only thing you can’t sell, is the print artwork file itself. If you'd like a copy of the license prior to purchasing, let me know + I'd be happy to send it to you.

What is classed as ‘1 item?’

Any single product, that requires a separate drawing + tech pack is classed as 1 item. For example, a 2 piece suit requires a separate tech pack for the skirt + jacket, so is counted as 2. A bikini requires a separate tech pack for the top + bottom, so is also counted as 2.

Will I like the work you do?

All of my design quotes include 5 rounds of revisions, therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed back on what you like + don’t like to ensure that you’re happy with the work + it meets your original brief.

How long will the work take?

This really depends on the type of work, each package/service page will give you an indication of the length and if you've booked a consulting session, you can see my availability and book a session by clicking here. Keep in mind this is only the times I'm free for consulting calls + not an indication of whether I'm free for design projects. I do get booked up for project work in advance, so if you'd like work completing for a specific date, please get in touch prior to purchasing to ensure that I can finish the work on time. 

I don’t live near you, is this a problem?

No, not at all. I'm currently working with clients and factories in 4 continents + this hasn't aected our results at all. I’m used to working internationally + have developed a system where I can regularly communicate with clients + share their work in progress.

I'm a student, can I still work with you?

Yes, I have worked with several students recently and it was a great experience. As well as paid services, I also oer free help + articles through my blog; which shares industry tips, news and insights.

Are you available for teaching + education?

Yes, I have previous experience teaching in schools + within the workplace + have taught both on location + remotely. If teaching in schools, I already have a criminal records check and am familiar with completing a plenary for each lesson plan.

Are you available to work on location?

I love working in person + if time allows I’d like to take on more projects like this. I’m regularly available in England (the Midlands + London) + Germany (Leipzig + Berlin) + often have availability in other cities worldwide. If you would like to discuss this further, just let me know.