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I only share a small amount of work from the exclusive print design area to the public, to ensure that any exclusive designs bought by my clients haven't been shared and copied all over the internet. The exclusive print area is reserved for business who have a genuine interest in buying my designs, it's free to register and I'll send you a password shortly after receiving your request. Fields with a * must be completed, but any others are optional and will help me to provide you with a better service. Please feel free to get in touch here if you have any questions. 

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For example, are you a fast fashion brand looking for close to season prints? Or are you high end, planning your range 3 seasons in advance?
I occasionally send out emails to customers, with trend and industry information, as well as new designs that have become available.
All of the designs on this website are property of 29andSeptember Studio. These designs therefore cannot be copied, redistributed, shared online. The designs may only be viewed. Please confirm if you agree to these terms and understand that you may not share these images/designs.