29andSeptember Studio

Fashion Startup Online Course

Want to start your fashion label but have no idea where to begin? The fashion startup online course gives you hours of video training + helpful downloads to take you from idea to product. You can even ask questions to you teacher or fellow students via the handy comments box. 

Free resource library for fashion designers by 29andSeptember Studio

Free Resource Library

The free resource library is exclusive to subscribers and is constantly being updated. You can download any of the files for your own use and use them to help with your business, for example a glossary of terms, template for briefing your designer or submitting feedback. Sign up free, or existing users can log in below;

Attract Customers Course

If you’re starting a fashion brand, or haven’t had many customers for your existing brand, this may be the course for you! In this short course I teach how you can attract customers to your brand and keep them coming back for more.


Quick start guide to producing and planning a fashion range

If you're thinking of starting a fashion label, but not sure what the design and manufacture process involves, or how long it will take, this digital guide and accompanying Excel sheet is a great way to get a quick overview.

Startup Strategy Sessions

Can your fashion idea really be as successful as you think? If you’re worried about making a start of your business because you fear your idea might not be a good one, the startup strategy session is for you. In a 1-on-1 call we’ll discuss your plans, aims and how you can get there.

Profitable Brand Accelerator Programme

This programme is for businesses who are already selling their own products, but aren’t making the sales or profits they’d hoped for. This 6-week coaching programme gives you personalised help to help you get the sales you were hoping for.

If you’ve not been seeing the success you want with your business, then this programme is for you!