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Working with a Photographer - Interview with Elash Valerie

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Working with a fashion photographer

As you probably know already, having great quality images for your website and marketing is really important for your fashion brand. I’ve been to my fair share of fashion shoots, but I thought it would be helpful to interview a professional photographer and ask them some of the common questions I get from new fashion entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled that Elash Valerie has offered to be interviewed and I hope that you find this useful for your next shoot.

Please introduce yourself and let us know what you do and where you’re based.      

I’m Elash Valerie. I’m from Republic of Moldova, a little country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north. Now I live in Chisinau, besides my photography career I have another job, in beauty sphere, which helps me a lot with my first job.  

What kind of photography do you do?

I love street photography, lifestyle, fashion, beauty. I tried in different styles and to be honest I like al of them.

How would you describe your photography style?  

I wouldn't worry too much about getting a style. Whatever that is for you or will be has been done before. In the meanwhile as you improve, shoot interesting light, good content, good composition and attractive pictures that you and others enjoy looking at. I think a style is a very abstract thing and in special in photos I can’t define it. 

You have some amazing work on your Instagram feed. Which project has been your favourite and why?

I think this was one of my favourite couples. (See photo’s below)

Because their emotions and craziness conquered me.

Why do I love group pictures? They have great potential for candid shots, groups of friends in a row will often make each other laugh! And real emotions are my muse.

How to work with a Fashion Photographer

For those who are new to photoshoots, what tips would you give to help them make the most of the experience?  

What a hard question. Well is it so individual, it depends on whom you will photograph. But almost is a see that my client feels insecure or discomfort, I give them kinder surprise or chupa-chups. Sounds funny but almost all says that’s a very cute gesture and they feel like child and it works, immediately they smile and I can work.

Or the second type, it works almost with all men. If they don’t smile, but I need it :D ,  I scream “Tits” or something like that and you understand the reaction.

What should people consider when choosing a model?

The most important for me is the experience of a model, the taste “clothes, makeup,  style in general”.  And of course their attitude for your work.    

Shooting on location comes with a lot of challenges, especially because of the weather. How do you prepare for this? Is it necessary to have a second location picked out in case the weather or lighting isn’t what you’d hoped for?

It depends of what result you want. For me weather changes is a gift, because I can experiment in different locations, and try to shoot in rain. And the result is great. But of course for a photoshoot you have to have minimum 2, 3 locations, and make a few shoots in all of them, for a good portfolio.

What’s the biggest mistake that you see brands making with their photography (for example, not planning enough or not giving models direction, or just generally not choosing a photography style that suits their brand)?

I think they exaggerate with this new fashion current, to be different and to be extravagant and in almost all cases; they lose their style. Unfortunately only few brands can make different projects and still remain on top.

For anyone interested in working with you, is there anything they should know about their requirements, or is there something they should prepare ahead of meeting/speaking to you? Where can they find you online?

They can find me almost in every platform, Instagram, Facebook, Unsplash and Whatsapp. They just have to write me and I will answer with pleasure for collaboration.

What are you working on at the moment and what do you hope to achieve in 2019?

At the moment I work in my favourite field, beauty photo. And I develop in the given direction, along the way we will see what changes will occur.

Thanks so much to Elash for this interview, I really appreciate it and I hope it’s been useful for anyone who is preparing for a photoshoot. If you want to learn more about Elash, you can get in touch via elashvaleria@gmail.com.


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