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Packages tailored to small + startup fashion labels

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Packages for small + startup fashion labels who want to know how to start a fashion brand

One of the most important things you have to do in business is to listen to your customers, not only at the start when you're finding your feet, but throughout the life of the business. I often take time to review what my customers have been saying + take action - whether it's a small or large change. Over the last month I've been working on 2 major changes, an update on my print design offering + also packages that are tailored to specific customer needs. You may remember that I did previously offer packages, but the feedback I was getting was that it was a bit confusing to find relevant packages. After delving deeper into the feedback, I found that some clients are confident with industry terminology, they've already had their own range + are looking to make it better, whereas others are excited to start a label, but haven't got any experience + haven't really started a business yet. So, I've now split my offering into groups that are relevant for your situation, which I'll go into a little more detail below; 

Packages for small + startup fashion labels

The new 'work with me' page has been simplified, as above. You can choose to get in touch with me (I'm always happy to answer questions, so if you'd like you can contact me here + tell me a bit about yourself), or view all of the services available at once, but the easier way to find what you need is by selecting which statement applies to you. All of the packages are cheaper than buying individual services from me + are budget friendly. I know that funds are tight when starting a business, but it's important to get the help that you need + I want to make sure that it's accessible to anyone who has a vision of going out + starting their own label, so my offering starts at £40 (approx US$52 at the time of writing). Here's a little more information on each of the statements + how they can help;

I have an idea for starting a fashion label

This category applies to people who don't have experience within the fashion industry + want to learn the basics and/or people who have ideas, but haven't started producing any clothing yet. This section will explain things in more detail, so you don't have to worry about not understanding terminology. It's also clear about what you get with each package, you can choose from only designs or designs + technical documents, both of which include one-on-one coaching sessions with me so that you can get the most out of the experience + improve your understanding of the industry. The startup packages can be found via this link. 

If you're new to the industry + would like a handy reference sheet with definitions of fashion industry terms, you can sign up to the mailing list below to access your free download.

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I want to get my designs into production

This is a common problem that my clients face; they love designing + know what they want to make, but have no idea to start, what they need or how to get the best prices. These packages are specifically for these people, who haven't started production yet + would like some direction. There's options for tuning your designs into technical documents that a factory would understand, as well as coaching help to understand the process of production + working with a factory. A personal favourite of mine is the option to have your fashion range reviewed + assessed for potential problems, so that you can minimise the risk of going into production. This includes looking at your designs from the perspective of a customer, buyer, the press, pattern cutter, merchandiser, garment technician + factory to make your range the best it can be. You can view all of the packages tailored to this type of business, here. 

Fashion designs by 29andSeptember Studio - packages for start up fashion labels
Swimwear designs, technical drawings + print designs by 29andSeptember Studio
Textile print design by 29andSeptember Studio

I want to increase my profits + expand

If this is you then, congrats! You've already launched your fashion line + although you may not be seeing the profits that you'd like, you've made a start! This section is for those who have already had a range produced by a factory or seamstress + either didn't see the sales they wanted, or the product wasn't as well made as they'd have liked, or, they're happy with the way things are + want to expand. Expand can cover a range of things, it may be getting into stores + selling product in more places, adding a new type of product to the range, or providing items for a different type of customer. These packages cover more advanced strategies + cover things like getting the most profit for the best quality, improving your product offering based on sales + building a better relationship with suppliers. All of these packages come with consulting sessions to ensure that you fully understand the techniques + strategies we talk about + to give you the opportunity to ask specific questions relating to issues that you're having, areas that you want to improve, or business development ideas that you have. All of these packages can be viewed here

If you're feeling overwhelmed about what you need to do, or are unsure if we're a good fit for each other, you're welcome to book a free 15 minute consultation with me. You can tell me about where you're at + what you'd like to achieve + I can let you know if any of my services would be of help. If you'd like to schedule a call, you can do so by clicking here. 

I hate spam too - if you sign up to this email list, your details won't be sold or leased to anyone else. I will email you from time to time with helpful content and occasional offers, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.