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How to become a successful fashion freelancer

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How to become a successful fashion freelancer

A few days ago I was delighted to get a message from Heidi, otherwise known as Sew Heidi, who runs the Successful Fashion Designer website. She's created an amazing guide to help anyone who wants to become a freelance designer, like me. I was so happy when Heidi told me that I'd got a little mention in the ebook - it was great to hear that someone I've been following for years had noticed me too! The guide it absolutely amazing + I wish they'd had something like this when I started my freelance business. It's over 20,000 words, covers a huge amount + best of all, it's COMPLETELY FREE! If you're an aspiring freelancer, you can download your free guide by clicking here. 

Thanks to everyone who's followed the blog + worked with me over the last couple of years - I couldn't have built my own business without your support + I really appreciate it! 

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