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Fashion industry insight for 2017

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2017 already? In today's blog post I'm looking at the predictions for the fashion industry this coming year...

Ethical trading and sustainability

As you may know, I'm a big advocate for both of these and have been for years, so I'm extremely happy to see that a lot of retailers and consumers are starting to shop with a conscience. As an industry we need to start exploring further to fulfil the customer demand for fair 'living' wages, organic cotton, clean production and many other issues on consumers minds today. 


Streetwear is making a comeback

Streetwear looks set to infiltrate every aspect of the mens and womenswear industry, from the designer ranges on the runway, to casual looks on the high st and even into activewear. Kith and Palace are labels to watch. 

Buy now wear now shopping habits

The days of buying a coat when it appears in store in August are almost gone. The recent shifts in consumer spending and the 'buy now wear now' mentality means that we will most likely see a difference in the way ranges are dropped into store this year. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, on one hand, a well planned range could lead to less discounts and sales early on in the season. However, get it wrong with a reduced amount of sell through time and you could end up with a lot of extra stock on your hands. As always, the difficulty is finding the balance.

Off shoulder tops are staying for 2017. 29andSeptember Studio and Pixabay

Cold shoulder and off the shoulder tops are staying

I don't know about you, but I've been loving the trend for looser fits and drapey, off the shoulder silhouettes. It's made a welcome change to the figure hugging forms of previous seasons and makes me feel a little less guilty about how many Christmas chocolates I consumed. I'm happy to report that oversized shapes, ruffles, frills and bell sleeves are set to stay in fashion this year and that little bit of shoulder skin stops us from looking like we're wearing a shapeless sack. Amazing how much of a difference it makes. 

Pantone's colour of the year 2017 - Greenery

Pantone's colour of the year 2017

For anyone who reads any kind of fashion industry blog or publication I'm sure you're already aware, but for those who aren't, 'Greenery' has been selected as the Pantone colour of the year. Pantone are the world leaders in colour forecasting and colour matching. Each year they select a colour of the year, that encapsulates the mood of the year - it is intended for use across all product areas, not just apparel. They've selected this refreshing green shade as a symbol of new beginnings, rejuvenation and the pursuit of vitality. I personally like this calming shade and from a practical point of view, think it will make a great accent colour on a variety of fashion ranges, especially swim and activewear. 

New York vs LA - fashion runway shows. 29andSeptember Studio/unsplash

LA vs New York fashion week

LA fashion week has usually been considered the poor cousin of New York fashion week. The coverage has always been considerably less in LA and New York is generally been considered in much higher regard. However, that could all change this year, as some of the major labels including Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and Rebecca Minkoff will swap NY for LA. From early indications it looks as though the designers will follow the new format of shop now, rather than the traditional preview for press and buyers only. 

I'm excited for the new year and to see how all of this unfolds. What are you most excited about in the new year? I'd love to get your thoughts, or any questions you have on the above in the comments box below, so please feel free to share...

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