29andSeptember Studio

Print design studio

I offer a wide range of print designs, covering different trends, seasons and customer types. One of the unique things about 29andSeptember Studio is the simple, affordable pricing structure that allows clients to clearly see the costs. I also offer options for businesses of all sizes, with prices for print licenses starting at just £20 and custom work from only £30. Learn more by scrolling down, or contact me with any questions here.



I have 3 options for buying my print designs; browsing existing designs in the standard or exclusive license libraries, or requesting a custom design. You can learn more about each option and pricing below;

29andSeptember Studio print design

My standard license prints are perfect for small businesses, or those who do not require exclusive print rights. The standard license gives you the legal right to print the design and sell it on your products, without having to credit me or pay any royalties. If however, you want to own the copyright and be the only person who can use this print, the exclusive license would be more suited to your needs. 

All of the prints in the gallery are available to buy via the order form. Scroll down to see general pricing information, or click on any of the prints in the gallery to see the price. 

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In order to offer a wider range of services and price points tailored to your needs, I have two options in this gallery, you can either buy prints with an exclusive license for apparel or non-apparel, or you can buy completely exclusive rights, where you own the copyright. 

The exclusive print gallery allows clients to buy prints safe in the knowledge that these prints haven't been viewed by lots of people and only small parts of the repeats have been shared on social media. For this reason, I ask clients to register in order to view the gallery. The process is simple and free, but it allows me to ensure that people are viewing for the right reasons and to avoid the designs being illegally copied. 

I also work with clients one-on-one, to create a design completely tailored to their needs. One of the things that makes 29andSeptember Studio unique, is that even with custom work, you still have the option to select the license that's right for you, whereas most companies expect you to pay for an exclusive license on custom work. I even offer really clear pricing, that will include all revisions, so you can be safe in the knowledge there won't be any hidden costs. You can learn more about the pricing below, or you can contact me to discuss your ideas/needs. 


Clear pricing

I have a unique price structure, that allows customers to only pay for services and design rights they actually need and ensures there's no surprises when it comes to the charges.

In order to keep the pricing transparent and easy to understand, I've developed a simple table to help you identify the cost of your project. Simply choose the type of print and type of license you want. You then have the option to buy 'premade from the library' (styles in the gallery) or 'custom' designed just for you.  I offer 3 types of license on my prints and 3 options of print, outlined below.

You can click on the image to enlarge the view. 

License types;

  • Standard licence - this is my entry level option, with prices starting at just £20, perfect for small businesses. This licence gives you the legal right to print the artwork and sell it on any product, without crediting me or paying any royalties
  • Exclusive apparel/Non-apparel license - this option allows you to have exclusive rights to use the print for apparel or non-apparel. Prints in this category will be sold twice - once with a license to sell on apparel (includes scarves, hats, gloves, shoes, bags) and once with a licence for non-apparel. 
  • Exclusive rights - this option is for those who want complete control over the design. This option is only available once per print, to ensure the purchaser has exclusivity. 

3 print types;

  • Simple - this is for a basic design, with one or two basic motifs. You can see examples here.
  • Detailed - this option includes several detailed elements. You can see examples here.
  • Complex - complicated repeats with lots of layers and detail. You can see examples here